• Dress For Your Figure: Five Fashion Tips For Curvy Women

    Curvy women with the classically feminine hourglass shape sometimes have a hard time finding clothing that accentuates their positive attributes without drawing attention to any negative aspects they might have. Here are five fashion tips to help you dress your best. Wear A Wrap Shirt Women with an hourglass shape have a small waist in comparison to their bust and hips. A plain wrap shirt without ruffles will accentuate your tiny waist and will draw attention away from your ample bosom and backside. [Read More]

  • Have You Decided To Make Clothing As Christmas Gifts?

    Are you known to your family and friends as a gifted seamstress? If so, you more than likely already know that they will be thrilled when they open Christmas gifts from you that you have created yourself. You might even save some money by making items of clothing to give to those you care for this Christmas. Of course, buying fabric still costs money, and your time is certainly worth a lot, but if you enjoy sewing and if you are good at selecting excellent materials at a great price, you'll probably still be giving great gifts that were more affordable than clothing you could buy in a store. [Read More]

  • Four Places Where Your Graphic Tees May Result In Expulsion

    Graphic tees for men, women, and children can all be a fun way to express one's sense of humor, personal social statements, and even reflect the things you really love being associated with. However, some types of graphic tees might be inappropriate in some places. No matter what your chosen image for your graphic tee, you may still get into a bit of trouble for wearing some types of images or logos. [Read More]