Four Places Where Your Graphic Tees May Result In Expulsion

Posted on: 13 September 2018

Graphic tees for men, women, and children can all be a fun way to express one's sense of humor, personal social statements, and even reflect the things you really love being associated with. However, some types of graphic tees might be inappropriate in some places. No matter what your chosen image for your graphic tee, you may still get into a bit of trouble for wearing some types of images or logos. Here are four locations where you may want to be careful with your choice of graphic tee.


Topping the chart of places where people might look at you strangely for wearing a tee with graphics or words that may offend, church is the one place where even the non-graphic tee is frowned upon. Some very plain t-shirts may be acceptable, and graphic tees with Christian pictures and sayings or Bible verses may be allowed, too. However, everything else, and you may have to go home before service starts.

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks have some strange rules. There are parks that will meet you at the gate with "censor" security guards who tell you that you have to change the shirt, or go home, before being allowed in the park. Since amusement parks have lots of children and families at play, and no parent wants to explain why a shirt has an inappropriate picture or word on it to their children, amusement parks developed dress codes.


Maybe you volunteer at your child's school for different events. Maybe you are a member of the PTO. If it involves public interaction with children, faculty, and other parents, you may want to wear a very different (and non-offensive) graphic tee to help out at events. Some school principals are actually instructed to instruct parent volunteers on what they can and cannot wear, so do not be too surprised if the principal asks you to go home and change. (He/she asks the kids to change, so it just falls in line with school dress code policies.)


For many offices, wearing anything less than business-casual to the office is a no-no. Even if your office has "blue-jean Friday," you still might not be able to wear any graphic tees at all, even if they are completely non-offensive. You might be able wear your graphic tees under business shirts, sweaters, and suit jackets, if you like. Then you can take the business wear off at the end of the day and sport your favorite graphic tee about town.