Velvet Blends And Synthetic Velvet Products

Posted on: 19 July 2022

Traditional velvet products contain silk strands. Velvet is a luxurious fabric that is used to design formal wear, window and wall coverings, and upholstery. Crushed synthetic velvet may contain a mix of natural and synthetic fibers or be composed entirely of synthetic fibers.

A Reduction In Cost

True velvet fabrics may be pricey and will include a line of draping fabric and rigid fabric styles. The thickness of the fibers and the manner in which they are woven together may have a bearing on how soft and shiny a velvet product is and the actual manner in which a product hangs. A thicker velvet product may be used to design products that are intended to cover a wall or a series of windows and doors. This type of fabric may contain a slightly rougher texture than thinner velvet products.

Natural and synthetic materials are used to mimic the properties of velvet. Cotton velvet is a product with more form to it than silk velvet products. It can be used to create fitted clothing, upholstery, or draperies. Viscose velvet will contain shiny synthetic strands that are designed to look and feel like silk.

Soft, flowing dresses are often constructed of viscose velvet products. An inferior velvet product that does not contain silk strands may be less expensive, yet provide an end user with the quality that they would expect from a true velvet product. Some synthetic products may be stretchy and some may contain fabric strands that are mildew resistant.

Care Techniques For Velvet Products

Crushed velvet products that contain synthetic materials can often be laundered in a washing machine. If a garment contains metal accent pieces or rhinestones, the sharpness of the embellishments could damage a synthetic velvet garment. Thinner velvet products are prone to ripping if the fabric is jostled around in a washing machine and a sharp embellishment pierces the fabric. Hand washing a garment will reduce damage to delicate fabrics.

A fancy velvet garment that contains multiple layers of fabric and a lot of ornamental trim should be cared for by a dry cleaner. The dry cleaning process can be used to freshen up fabric and remove stains and wrinkles. If you decide to purchase a synthetic velvet gown or suit that will be worn on special occasions, a dry cleaner will furnish you with a garment bag. While the garment is stored within a closet, it will remain dry and will not become wrinkled.

To learn more about crushed synthetic velvet, contact a clothing and fabric supplier in your area.