Dress For Your Figure: Five Fashion Tips For Curvy Women

Posted on: 17 December 2018

Curvy women with the classically feminine hourglass shape sometimes have a hard time finding clothing that accentuates their positive attributes without drawing attention to any negative aspects they might have. Here are five fashion tips to help you dress your best.

Wear A Wrap Shirt

Women with an hourglass shape have a small waist in comparison to their bust and hips. A plain wrap shirt without ruffles will accentuate your tiny waist and will draw attention away from your ample bosom and backside. Dark colors can also help give the appearance of being slimmer. For example, a navy keyhole top with a waist tie will provide a little sexy cleavage while cinching your waist and giving the overall look of a trimmer hourglass shape. A wrap dress with a pair of knee-high boots is also a great style for those days you want to be a bit less casual.

Choose Form-Fitting Skirts

Skirts that hug the body, such as a pencil skirt, are perfect for highlighting both your tiny waist and your full hips and buttocks. Avoid flowing skirts or skirts that are longer than just below your knee. These will tend to make you look boxy as well as top-heavy.

Opt For Bell-Bottom Pants

You don't need to wear pants with ridiculously wide legs, but most women with an hourglass figure look better when they wear pants with wide legs. Skinny jeans may be popular, but on a woman who has lots of curves, they can make her body look disproportionate. Flared legs will elongate as well as slim your legs. This is useful as women who have an hourglass figure often have thicker thighs. Flared legs can also give the illusion of slimming your hips. If you have a flat behind, choose pants with back pockets to add depth, but if you have a more padded backside, skip the pockets for a more streamlined effect.

Wear V-Necked Shirts

If you're in the mood to show off your curves, shirts with a V-neck, scoop neck, keyhole, or a plunging neckline are the way to go. They will show a little bit of cleavage while still drawing attention to your small waist.

Use Belts

The woman with the hourglass figure is lucky that she can wear belts, something women with larger waists should not do. Whether it's a belt with your jeans or a cute belted coat, belts can break up the monotony and are a great way to accessorize your wardrobe.