Have You Decided To Make Clothing As Christmas Gifts?

Posted on: 2 November 2018

Are you known to your family and friends as a gifted seamstress? If so, you more than likely already know that they will be thrilled when they open Christmas gifts from you that you have created yourself. You might even save some money by making items of clothing to give to those you care for this Christmas. Of course, buying fabric still costs money, and your time is certainly worth a lot, but if you enjoy sewing and if you are good at selecting excellent materials at a great price, you'll probably still be giving great gifts that were more affordable than clothing you could buy in a store. And, if you buy unique fabric, that makes your gifts even more special. From buying hologram spandex fabric to turning it into gifts, here are some ideas that might help you.

Hologram Spandex Fabric

Since you have decided to give one-of-a-kind clothing presents to those on your Christmas gift list, you are more than likely looking for unique fabric. Have you seen hologram spandex fabric? If you have used it before, you know that it works like a dream on your sewing machine. If you haven't bought hologram spandex fabric in the past, you are in for a treat. Just selecting the fabric will be fun, as it comes in many different colors and patterns. The great part of buying hologram spandex fabric is that it is probably more affordable than you thought it would be. Do you need patterns, or do you create your own? If you need patterns, don't forget to write those on your shopping list. 

​Making Your Gifts

Before you shop for the hologram spandex fabric, think of making a list of those who will be recipients of the clothing you make. For example, if you give small gifts to friends, say the gals in your book club, consider buying hologram spandex fabric in brilliant colors and turning the fabric into scarves. Are you crating a little black dress for your daughter, daughter-in-law, or somebody else so that she can wear it on New Year's Eve and to other special events? If so, hologram spandex fabric will be fabulous for that dress as it will have a beautiful sheen to it that might even pick up the lights at the special event. Do you have teenage girls on your Christmas list? Full skirts made of hologram spandex fabric in each girl's favorite color will be a great gift, especially if you pair the skirt with a pretty camisole made of the spandex fabric in a complementary color.