Common Causes For Holes At The Bottom Of Your T-Shirt

Posted on: 19 February 2020

You might find yourself replacing shirts as they get holes in them. While T-shirts aren't meant to last forever, having to keep replacing T-shirts regularly can be frustrating. If you pinpoint the cause of the holes, you'll save money on shirts. Unlikely Culprits Common explanations for why a T-shirt develops holes is that you have moths in your home or that the T-shirt is getting snagged in the washing machine. Moths do chew on clothes, but they aren't a common culprit for T-shirt holes. [Read More]

Men's Style Guide: How To Bring Your Wardrobe From Day To Night

Posted on: 18 February 2020

When it comes to female fashion, there are tons of books on how everything needs to be done, but men aren't quite so lucky. If you are the type of man who likes to have a minimalist wardrobe while still getting the most out of it, then this article is just the thing for you. Learn how you can bring your wardrobe from day to night.  Invest In Some Slacks [Read More]

Store Your Lingerie With Care

Posted on: 18 February 2020

Delicate bras and panties should never be stuffed inside of a drawer, at least if you want them to last. When you cram all your lingerie into one space, a bra hook can snag the lace on a pair of your underwear, you might lose the conversion strap for your strapless bra — the list goes on. Careful storage helps extend the lifespan of your pieces. Separate by Wear Particularly when it comes to bras, it's best to separate your bras by how you wear them. [Read More]

Opening A Cowboy-Themed Boutique? 3 Steps That Will Help You Get Your Start

Posted on: 18 February 2020

Do you want to open a boutique where you will sell apparel that cowboys and cowgirls would love to wear? If you grew up on a farm and enjoy everything that has to do with cowboys, such as boots, woven shirts, and denim jeans, you probably want to offer some of the same things in a local boutique that your clients can visit as often as they want. A local boutique is convenient for the customers because they can come right in to check out what you are offering instead of worrying about ordering online and waiting for their items to arrive. [Read More]