Swimwear Made From Bamboo? It's Awesome

Posted on: 21 February 2020

When you think of materials used to make swimwear, what comes to mind? Perhaps you name synthetics like lycra and spandex. It's true that a lot of swimwear is made from these materials, but if you are looking for an alternative, then you should look into swimwear made from bamboo. While making bikinis from this tall grass that pandas eat may sound really strange at first, it's actually becoming quite popular, and bamboo swimwear is a really sustainable choice. Here's a closer look.

Why is bamboo a sustainable material?

There are a couple of reasons why bamboo is a more sustainable choice than the materials traditionally used to make swimwear. For one, bamboo is a natural material. It is not a plastic-based synthetic that produces a lot of pollution during the production process or that will sit in landfills for years. When you are finished with your bamboo swimwear and you throw it away, it will break down safely and naturally.

Bamboo is easy to grow via eco-friendly practices, too. It grows quickly and without the need for a lot of pesticides. As it grows, bamboo consumed carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, which is good for the air on planet earth.

Is bamboo swimwear really comfortable?

You might think that bamboo would be scratchy or rough, but this is really not the case. As long as the material is processed appropriately, it can have a really soft texture, similar to cotton. However, it is more breathable than cotton. This comes in handy when making swimwear since breathable material dries faster. When you choose sustainable bamboo swimwear, you can step out of the pool, stand around for a few minutes, and be dry. This means no more hanging soaked swimwear over the shower rail and hoping it dries without molding.

Are there any downfalls to bamboo swimwear?

The major downfall of this product is that bamboo is not easy to dye using natural colors. So, you will find that most bamboo swimwear comes in pretty pale colors. You will see a lot in natural tan, as well as pale colors such as light pinkish-beige and gray. If you're the kind of person who really wants to wear brightly colored swimwear, bamboo might not be for you. But if you place sustainability over colors, then bamboo swimwear is a really good choice. You can find all sorts of styles made for both masculine and feminine styles.

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