Choosing An American Flag Lapel Pin

Posted on: 26 May 2021

If you want to show off your patriotism and your love for the USA, then an American flag lapel pin can be a great way to do it! But as soon as you start shopping for such a pin, you are bound to realize that there are more options than you might have thought! Here are some tips to help you narrow down the choices and pick the American flag lapel pin that is best for you.

Consider the size.

Many people think they want a big, bold lapel pin, especially when they are choosing a pin that makes a statement as bold as the American flag. But in actuality, a lapel pin that is bigger may tend to get caught more easily, and it may stand out so much that it overwhelms any other accessories that you're wearing. So, unless you have worn big lapel pins before and know for a fact they don't get in your way, you are probably best off with a medium- to small-sized lapel pin. Choosing a smaller one will also let you coordinate the pin with a pair of American flag earrings or an American flag necklace without looking overdone.

Consider the color scheme.

American flags are red, white, and blue, so you may not assume there's really any choice of color here. But actually, if you look a little more closely, you may realize that there is some variation between pins in regard to color. Some pins may be a more classic royal blue and bright red, while others are a more subdued navy and a deeper red. Think about the outfits you plan to wear with the lapel pin, and then pick a color combination that will look good with those outfits.

Consider the shape.

Some American flag lapel pins are perfect rectangles — the shape of a flag as it is actually cut. These pins tend to have more of a rigid, proper look. Other American flag lapel pins are shaped more like a flag waving in the breeze, with a rippled edge on one or more sides. These tend to have a softer look. Pick the shape that better suits your overall aesthetic and style preferences.

If you spend a little more time thinking through the purchase, you will end up with an American flag pin that you love and that you therefore wear more often, representing your country well.

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