How Can Alterations Help Your Wardrobe?

Posted on: 13 January 2021

There are many reasons why you may need a piece of clothing or an entire outfit altered. Alterations are when you hire a tailor or seamstress to change the original size or fit of a garment so that it works better for you. There are many things a skilled tailor or seamstress can do to change how a garment fits, some of which you may not even realize. In an effort to help you fit better into the clothes you currently own, here are a few ways that you could get your clothes altered and save money on buying new outfits. 

Shorten or Lengthen Pants

If you are a little bit shorter or taller than the average person, store-bought pants may not fit you just right. For example, if you step on any fabric when you walk, your pants are too long. If your pants hit you above the ankle, they are too short. Letting out the hem of your pants may bring them to a better length. The length of pants is especially important on suits since the uniformity of the look makes it much more noticeable. A tailor can change the length of pants or trousers quite easily, you just need to go in for a fitting. 

Shorten Sleeves

Sleeves that are longer than the joint of your thumb will look like you are wearing someone else's shirt. Shortening sleeves is relatively easy since you may just need to remove a bit of fabric from the garment. However, it can make it look like you have a brand-new shirt. 

Adjust the Bust

If your weight has changed, you may need some of your clothes altered in the bust. Adding some darts (or sewed folds in the fabric) can help the blouse to fit you how you want it to. Instead of having a sagging bustline, a few well-placed darts could make it look like the outfit was made just for you. 

Taper a Sleeve or Pant Leg

In conclusion, there are many things you can do to make your clothes fit better. If you have recently lost or gained weight, you may want to look into getting your clothes altered in order to save money on buying new items. Alterations will fit you better than new clothes and might also be cheaper. Find someone in your area who can alter your clothes, and get a better fitting wardrobe!