Three Women's Blazers To Add To Your Wardrobe

Posted on: 18 September 2020

If you're a professional woman who is looking to expand her wardrobe, finding a women's boutique in your city can give you all sorts of appealing clothing options. While your existing wardrobe will partially influence the clothes for which you need to shop, one type of garment that you might be considering is a blazer. Blazers are highly versatile, as you can wear them with skirts, dress pants, and even jeans, as well as several styles of shirts. They're appropriate for wearing to the office, but if you're working from home, slipping one on before a video call can also work well. Your local women's boutique likely has several styles of blazers available, including the following.

Wool Blazer

When you're shopping for a blazer that you'll wear in the fall and winter, a wool blazer can be a garment to think about. The heavier nature of this blazer makes it warmer to wear. This can be useful if you're wearing a light blouse beneath it, as a traditional blazer may not offer you enough warmth. You'll find that there are many different looks for wool blazers. For example, you might want a plain look, or perhaps you'd rather have a garment with a subtle pattern. Many wool blazers are various shades of black, blue, and gray, but you might favor something a little more vibrant for the fall — burnt orange, for example.

Collarless Blazer

A blazer's collar gives the garment somewhat of a formal look, which many women appreciate. If you're looking for something that is a little less dressy, however, you might wish to browse some collarless blazers. Like other styles of blazers, collarless garments are available in many colors. While you can wear a variety of garments below a collarless blazer, the semi-casual nature of this apparel means that it can often pair well with a T-shirt.

Long Blazer

Another look that may appeal to you is a long blazer. While different types of blazers can be different lengths, they generally sit around your hips. As its name suggests, a longer blazer is cut longer — this garment may come partially down your thigh, for example. While a long blazer might not be the best choice for a day that you'll be sitting extensively, it can be a good option for days in which a lot of standing is on the agenda. For example, if you're attending a corporate event such as a trade show, this garment can augment your style.

To learn more about your options, contact a women's boutique.