Three Ways To Take Your Clothing To A Consignment Shop

Posted on: 27 February 2020

When you have several articles of clothing that no longer fit you or that you no longer wish to wear, taking them to a consignment shop can be a good way to turn them into money. This is especially true if they're in good condition or have designer brand names. It's important to know how to take the clothing to your local consignment shop. When you arrive at the shop, an employee will need to go through each article with you to assess its value and discuss a sale price. This generally means that if all of the clothing is crammed in a garbage bag, this evaluation process will be difficult. Here are three proper ways to take your clothing to a consignment shop.

In A Garment Bag

If you own a garment bag, placing a couple of articles of clothing on hangers and loading them into the bag is an effective way to transport them to the shop. This is especially true if you're taking high-end apparel that you want to keep in good condition. Suits and dresses, in particular, are good to transport in this manner. Upon reaching the shop, you and a sales rep can open the garment bag and remove the articles of clothing for their assessment.

On Hangers

It's not a major issue if you don't own a garment bag, and you shouldn't necessarily rush out to buy one for the purpose of transporting your clothing to the consignment shop. Consignment shops will accept clothing on hangers. After you've washed each item, place it on a hanger and consider organizing the hangers so that similar clothing is together. For example, have all of your skirts or pants on subsequent hangers, with your shirts and jackets on other hangers grouped together.

In Boxes

Some articles of clothing aren't ideal to place on hangers. Wool sweaters, for example, can often stretch when they hang on a hanger for an extended period of time, and there's a good chance that the consignment shop won't be interested in a sweater that appears to be stretched. You can take sweaters and other apparel that are difficult or not ideal to hang on hangers to the consignment shop in boxes. Fold each of the items and stack them in boxes of an appropriate size. When you get to the shop, you can open the boxes for a sales rep to evaluate what you have.