Worship Wear For Women: The Do's And Don'ts Of Dressing For Church

Posted on: 26 February 2020

Do you struggle with deciding what to wear to church? Perhaps you grew up in a time when nearly everyone put on their best clothes to attend worship services and you wonder if you should wear a fancy pantsuit or a dress. Worship services are much more casual in today's culture, and learning a few dos and don'ts of dressing for church will help you make the best choice regarding what to wear to church.

Do be modest

Whether you enjoy dressing up in fancy dresses or prefer blue jeans, modesty matters when attending a worship service. Choose dresses that are slightly above the knee or longer. Low-cut shirts and blouses are better left for wearing on other occasions.

A good rule to follow is to not wear anything to church that you wouldn't wear to a job interview. You can find plenty of women's church suits and dresses that are lovely and modest, so you never have to worry about sacrificing style for modesty.

Don't sacrifice comfort

Shop for church clothing that's comfortable. An uncomfortable outfit that's beautiful and stylish is never a good choice. Avoid materials that don't feel good against your skin.

Have several outfits for each season of the year to maximize your comfort. Wear heavier fabrics in the cold months and lightweight cottons, etc. in summer. Having a light jacket or sweater to wear over sleeveless dresses in the warm months is a good idea, as some churches may be chilly when air conditioning is in use.

Do consider your personality

If you love to dress up, don't be discouraged if everyone else seems to wear jeans and tee shirts. There's nothing wrong with dressing up if that's your style. Wear that fancy dress or dress suit and enjoy worshiping in the clothing you feel is best for you.

Don't dress to impress

The act of worship should be treated with respect. While there's nothing wrong with wearing clothing you love, your focus should never be on impressing others or trying to draw attention to yourself. Dress to suit your style and comfort levels, not to seek compliments or attention.

The best thing to wear to church is clothing you're comfortable in that's appropriate for worship. Your clothing should express your unique personality and respect those you worship with. Whether you love to dress up or prefer jeans and a tee shirt, a heart ready for worship is what's most important of all.