Common Causes For Holes At The Bottom Of Your T-Shirt

Posted on: 19 February 2020

You might find yourself replacing shirts as they get holes in them. While T-shirts aren't meant to last forever, having to keep replacing T-shirts regularly can be frustrating. If you pinpoint the cause of the holes, you'll save money on shirts.

Unlikely Culprits

Common explanations for why a T-shirt develops holes is that you have moths in your home or that the T-shirt is getting snagged in the washing machine. Moths do chew on clothes, but they aren't a common culprit for T-shirt holes. If you think the washing machine is the cause of the holes, look at your clothes after they exit the washing machine. While it is possible, the washing machine isn't a likely cause of holes in your T-shirt.

Everyday Activities

Become mindful of how you live your life. You might be engaging in activities that could be putting holes in your T-shirt. For example, if you use the T-shirt to workout in, you may be pinching your T-shirt at a certain point during the workout and putting holes in it. Pay attention to where the holes develop and look for ways to adjust your routine to avoid this problem.

Your clothes might be rubbing against something all day. For example, if you make dinner while standing near the counter, your T-shirt might be rubbing against the counter without you realizing it, and this might lead to holes. Tucking your shirt in while preparing dinner, even if it's partway, can keep your T-shirt from rubbing against the counter. Do this in any situation where you think your T-shirt might be subjected to abuse.

Your Belt or Jeans

Holes near the bottom are likely due to common abrasion points. If you're wearing a belt, you might have the belt rubbing against that part of the shirt all day. You might even be getting your T-shirt snagged in your zipper. 

Cheap Fabrics

Try to purchase more expensive T-shirts, as well. While they might cost you more money now, you'll keep the T-shirt for longer and save money. It's wasteful and also a waste of time to have to keep purchasing new shirts. 

There are also accessories you can purchase that will secure your T-shirt. If you wear jeans with your T-shirt untucked, like most T-shirt wearers, you can place a clip over the jean hardware to create a barrier between the hardware and your shirt.

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