Store Your Lingerie With Care

Posted on: 18 February 2020

Delicate bras and panties should never be stuffed inside of a drawer, at least if you want them to last. When you cram all your lingerie into one space, a bra hook can snag the lace on a pair of your underwear, you might lose the conversion strap for your strapless bra — the list goes on. Careful storage helps extend the lifespan of your pieces.

Separate by Wear

Particularly when it comes to bras, it's best to separate your bras by how you wear them. For instance, you don't want to put your workout and special occasion bras together. The problem with this practice is that you're more likely to pick up a special occasion bra when you're looking for a workout bra or vice versa. 

If you work out in a nice bra by accident, you might damage it. Keeping your bras separated cuts down the risk of this sort of mistake. Separating your bras can also make the process of getting ready in the morning easier since you'll know exactly where to look.

Invest in Bra Hangers

When you visit a lingerie boutique, the majority of the bras they offer are generally hanging up. Displaying the undergarment in this way allows you to get a better view of the bra, but it is also a form of protection.

Hangers limit the risk of snags, especially with lace undergarments and they help keep the cups in their natural form. In terms of cup form, if a bra is stuffed in a drawer or has several other garments on top of it, the cup can become misshapen, especially if it stays in this position for a long time. 

Apply Velvet Lining

Look online and find a quality velvet lining that you can adhere in your lingerie drawers. Velvet lining doesn't just add a dash of elegance, but it also helps prevent your garments from moving when you open and close the drawer. If your garments move around a lot, there is a chance that they could get caught in the corner of the drawer and snag or rip.

The velvet keeps everything safely in place. As an added bonus, since the velvet covers the wood, there is less of a risk of any of the fasteners or hooks scratching and damaging the inside of the drawer.

High-quality undergarments are intended to last, and when you store your pieces with care, you're more likely to reap this benefit. Treat all your pieces just as special as they make you feel when you wear them.

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