Opening A Cowboy-Themed Boutique? 3 Steps That Will Help You Get Your Start

Posted on: 18 February 2020

Do you want to open a boutique where you will sell apparel that cowboys and cowgirls would love to wear? If you grew up on a farm and enjoy everything that has to do with cowboys, such as boots, woven shirts, and denim jeans, you probably want to offer some of the same things in a local boutique that your clients can visit as often as they want. A local boutique is convenient for the customers because they can come right in to check out what you are offering instead of worrying about ordering online and waiting for their items to arrive. If opening a cowboy-themed boutique is exactly what you want to do, follow some essential steps to get your start in the industry.

Start Looking for Places to Buy Clothes From

If you want to make a living from your boutique alone, you need to find fashionable cowboy clothing for women and men to wear. You can purchase apparel in bulk from a retailer that specializes in offering cowboy clothes. Focus on working with a retailer that offers a huge selection of clothing items for both cowboys and cowgirls who would like to wear clothes that are comfortable while allowing them to dress in a modern and fashionable way. After purchasing the clothes, you may then set a price for each item and resell them at your boutique. The price set is often a bit higher than what you initially paid for the clothes because that is how you will get a return on the money you spent. When working with a retailer, find out if that retailer will offer special discounts and deals for you when you buy a bulk of different items. 

Some of the clothes that you should want to offer at your boutique include:

  • Graphic t-shirts about cowgirls/cowboys
  • Vintage woven shirts
  • Plaid button-down shirts in different colors
  • Polyester vests
  • Stonewash denim jeans for women and men
  • Cowboy and cowgirl caps with different designs on them

If you have these items in your boutique, shoppers can easily purchase all the items they need to create the perfect cowboy-themed outfit.

Begin Decorating Your Boutique

If you have already chosen a place where you will run your business, decorating it before the doors open is a must. Because you are selling cowboy-themed items, you should stick with the country theme while working on the boutique's interior design. For example, you could have barn doors used as dressing room doors to allow customers to try clothes on before buying them. You can paint the walls barnyard red with a touch of white or brown and then hang country-themed decorations on the walls of the boutique, including paintings of horses and other animals that you would see on the farm, such as cows and pigs.

Purchase Products to Use to Put Items on Display

You will need to have certain products inside your boutique to put items out on display. You should have a display case where you can place different types of accessories inside of it, such as sunglasses and fashionable belts. You may want to purchase a few mannequins that you can place around the store. Simply put some clothes on the mannequins to give your customers a few ideas on what they should consider buying and which items they can pair together to create a good look. Along with display cases and mannequins, you should have racks where you can place hangers full of clothes for your customers to view and purchase if they want to.

When starting a cowboy-themed boutique, search for a reliable cowboy apparel retailer that offers a huge selection of clothes for you to buy and resell. After finding all the clothes and accessories to offer, you can start working on the interior design of your boutique, which includes painting the walls, hanging up certain decorations, setting up display cases, and even using mannequins throughout the boutique.

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