Tips For Finding The Right Winter Gear For Cold Weather Protection

Posted on: 14 February 2020

January and February may nearly be in the rearview mirror on the calendar, but there are still some cold months and icy weather ahead in many parts of the country. With snowstorms on the horizon, it is especially smart to prepare for cold weather whenever you go outside. It is a good recommendation to keep winter gear in your vehicle along with an emergency kit in case you break down in cold weather. But you can pick out some stylish pieces to look good in addition to protecting yourself from cold weather. Here are some tips related to winter gear to help you stay stylish and warm during the colder months of winter.

Look For Warm Head Protection

Even if you have a full head of hair, your head is one of the main areas of your body that loses body heat. And when you consider all the layers you put on your torso, legs, feet, and hands, why would you want to leave your head exposed to the cold? Find a warm hat that fits your personality so you don't mind wearing it whenever you go outside. 

You can find a knitted ribbed beanie in your favorite color or a color that best complements your complexion. And if you want to top it with a fuzzy pom-pom or an opening for your long hair to poke out of, you can find one in a variety of colors. A ribbed beanie provides your head and ears with a full layer of insulation, especially if you select one that is lined with fleece. Go online today to find things like women's CC blue solid ribbed beanie.

You might also opt for a full face beanie that covers your face and neck but leaves your eyes exposed so you can see. Or something like a faux fur-lined trapper hat is a great way to protect your head, neck, and ears.

Find the Right Gloves

In addition to your head, your hands can become exposed to the cold weather in many situations. Especially if you need to work your phone or another smart device, you know that it can be difficult when you are wearing knitted gloves. However, you can find gloves to protect your hands that have fingertip patches that allow you to type on your touch screen. 

When looking for outdoor gloves that give you full hand protection, look for a thick layer of insulation that will also wick away moisture. Then, the gloves' exteriors, especially on the palms, need to be water-resistant. Make sure the gloves fit your hands but not too tightly, as this can restrict blood flow and make your hands colder. Last, make sure the gloves reach far enough up your wrist and arm that they will go over or under your coat sleeves several inches to trap in your body heat.