The Clutch Bag: Why It Should Be Your Go-To Accessory

Posted on: 29 March 2019

Clutch bags, so named because you clutch them in your hand to carry them, are an essential part of any wardrobe for ladies. If you can afford designer bags, like Chanel clutch bags or Louis Vuitton, all the more reason to have them in your wardrobe. If you do not own a clutch, you should buy at least one. Here is why clutch bags should be your go-to accessory. 

They Let Your Outfit Shine 

You do not want to be carrying a big, bulky purse or shoulder bag when you are wearing a beautiful dress. Then everyone is looking at the bag, and not at your dress. When you want your outfit to be the center of attention, your accessories should be minimal and complimentary. A clutch bag does exactly that. 

They Are Really Easy to Carry

Carrying a clutch is so much easier than carrying a shoulder bag. There are no straps falling down, and nothing you have to loop over your head to be hands-free. Most clutches are rarely bigger than a feminine hand, and often slightly bigger than a coin purse. You can still carry a few essentials inside without being bogged down by too much stuff.

They Are the Minimalist Approach to Carrying Essentials

What do you honestly need in your bag when you attend an evening black-tie affair? You need your license to prove your age and get a drink or two, you need cash or a single credit card for the evening, and you need your lipstick tube so you can reapply your lipstick as needed. Maybe you need your cellphone, too, but that is up to you. All of these items, if you need them or intend to use them, can easily fit into a clutch and leave very little room for anything else. If you prefer to be rather minimalist about carrying extra items about and you have no pockets in that evening gown of yours (who does?), then the clutch is a perfect accessory for you.

Clutch Bags, Even Designer Ones, Cost Less Than a Handbag

This is an absolute truth. A clutch bag costs less than any handbag, shoulder bag, or purse. It requires less cloth or leather and metal to create; hence the lesser expense to purchase. In most instances you could purchase two or three clutch bags for the cost of a single designer shoulder bag from the same designer.