4 Reasons You Need A Rasta Hoodie In Your Closet

Posted on: 20 February 2020

Clothing not only keeps you clean and warm. It also represents your personal style. If you are someone who loves the Rastafarian lifestyle and Jamaican culture, then you should certainly consider adding a Rasta hoodie to your clothing collection. Here are a few reasons why this clothing item makes a great addition.

1. It's comfortable

Hoodies are comfortable, but some of them end up being a little too small and tight in the neckline. Rasta zip up hoodies tend to be a bit larger and looser — it's just a part of the look. You can wear the hoodie when you just feel like lounging around and relaxing. It will let you cuddle up and move your body, whether you're watching movies on a couch or playing board games at a table.

2. It will let others know you love Rasta

As someone who loves Rastafarianism, you might feel alone a lot of the time. You may not know a lot of other people who share your passion for this movement and culture. Yet, there are other Rastafarians out there. When you wear a Rasta hoodie in a public place, you may attract some attention from them. Someone may see it and come up to you in order to start a conversation. Before long, you will have another Rasta friend.

3. It sends a good message

Even people who do not follow Rasta closely are often familiar with the movement and its meaning. They may know that Rastafarianism fights for a balance of power, acceptance, and other positive things. When they see your Rasta hoodie, they will be reminded of these causes. You never know who might see your hoodie and decide to be nicer to others that day simply because they were reminded of the compassion in Rastafarianism. 

4. It connects you with other great Rastafarians

When you wear a Rasta hoodie, you will feel more closely aligned with others in the movement. Whether you're a fan of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, or Max Romeo, wearing the hoodie will remind you of the contributions of these individuals throughout the day. You'll feel like a real part of the movement and of something big.

Rasta hoodies, which are typically yellow, red, and green, are quite attractive and comfortable to wear. Add one to your collection, and it will soon become a staple. It will help you connect with others and with the Rasta movement as a whole.